Team Lists:

Please find the Team List attached for the season. If you have any concerns, please contact Vernice or Michelle directly.

Click the link below to view teams:

SUMMER SEASON 23/24: summer team list

Under 8 mixed Red
Under 8 mixed White
Under 10g Red
Under 10b Red
Under 12g Red
Under 12g White
Under 12b Red
Under 12b White
Under 12b Blue
Under 12b Black
Under 14g Red
Under 14g White
Under 14g blue
Under 16g Blue
Under 14b Red
Under 14b White
Under 14b Blue
Under 14b Black
Under 16g Red
Under 16g White
Under 16b Red
Under 16b White
Under 16b Blue
Under 16b Black
Under 16b Orange
Under 18g Red
Under 18b Red
Under 20b Red

** To go on a waiting list for next season please contact the age group coordinator.

IMPORTANT: Team Names/colours have been changed. Please look carefully and take note of your team's name.

UPDATED: 19/11/2023