Working with children check

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Coburg Basketball Association require that all volunteers, including parents who volunteer with the club with their own children, need a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) card. A WWCC is not only a legal requirement. It is an important way we demonstrate our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of the kids in our community.

There is no cost for a WWCC card for volunteers.

Already have a WWCC card?

If you already have a WWCC you will need to update your organisation details to include the Northern Rebels. To update your details, follow the instructions on the Working with Children Check website.

Need to apply for a WWCC card?

To apply for a WWCC simply fill in the online form and then finalise your application at a participating Victorian Australia Post retail outlet.

Need to renew your WWCC card?

Renew your card up to six months before its expiry, or up to three months after its expiry. After this time, you will need to complete a new application.

What are the contact details for the Northern Rebels?

Organisation name: Northern Rebels Basketball Association
Address: 17 Pellew Street Reservoir, 3073
Phone number: 0402 203 937
Contact name (if required): Vernice Petty

Further information

See the Applicant Guide and Proof of identity requirements on the Working with Children Check website.

If you would like help accessing the online form please contact us at:

This information has been adapted from the Victorian Government website Last updated July 2018.